I worked with KINKLAD  back in December and I found him to be very professional, knew what he was talking about and worked in line with my requirements.  I can confidently say I shall use there services in the future . I would definitely recommend them  to all my friends. A hidden gem in the photography world!   Sunny

In Poland we don't really have a photo services like this for men.  I was not out and I always want do fetish modelling. 

I had spent time working out at the gym but my first set of pictures were well ........disappointing.   


After contacting KINKLAD we worked together  to obtain the right look.   The whole process gave me confidence to use images that  attracted  the right type of guys.   Oink



Wow .. felt so sexy with the lighting and what to wear.  

I had no idea about what to bring but appreciate your patience at the studio.   I was a bit nervous on location yet you put me at ease.   Thanks , Seth

Lots  of guys wanted  to hook up since I uploaded my new pics online. 

So many requests and even  a invited to dinner. ! 

Many thanks.




Glad you advised me about what to wear. 

I had no idea about the colour codes.

Appreciate your honesty and patience at the studio. 

Thanks for making me feel very welcome.  


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